Living the Shaggie Life

Happy Pets        Happy Humans

Shaggie Life™ is an authentic, aspirational and lifestyle brand that embraces pet lovers and those who aspire to treat their pets as they would treat humans. Founded by veterinarians, the Shaggie Life™ brand makes for happy pets which makes for happy humans. 

Shaggie Life™ products are veterinarian-approved and enhance the healthy lifestyle fo pets and their humans. The Shaggie Life™ Collection includes healthy treats, skincare and dental care products, health supplements, bathing shampoos and lotions, high-quality CBD, apparel and all-natural and fresh-baked goodies. 

We have a loyal brand following of pet lovers who also seek trusted pet-health advice through our innovative Telehealth Service and through our exclusive partnership with veterinary professionals committed to the Shaggie Life™.

At Shaggie Life™, we are passionate about our pets, just like you. Our pets are our family. We follow the Shaggie Life™ Golden Rule - treat our pets as we would want to be treated. Live the Shaggie Life™.